Print Production

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Print Uniqueness
Since having ‘numbered editions’ does not really fit with the traditional photo-print medium, we have decided to make each print a unique one-off edition by including the buyer’s name in the text area in the bottom left border of the print. Additionally, all prints will be hand signed by photographer just under image's lower right corner outside image area in the border.

Text Notations
Each print will have the following text notation in the lower left bottom border:
  • Image Catalog number
  • Month, year and city location of image
  • Buyer’s name
  • Photographer’s copyright notice

Print Sizing
The signature art prints are offered in our Standard size of a 12” x 18” image on a 17” x 22” print sheet; exact size of image area may vary slightly depending on proportional cropping of the image. All print representations on this site are an approximate representation of how the printed image will be placed on the sheet.

See - Samples of Actual Prints   (at 17" x 22")

There are a few images that are offered in additional sizing, that of Large and Mural.
Large prints have an image area of 17.5” x 26” on a 24” x 30” sheet paper.
Mural prints are individually sized as noted on the information pages.

All Standard and Large prints are printed on Epson Exhibition Fiber paper with an Epson printer using archival inks. If buyer follows the print care recommendations, these prints should last well over 100 years.

Print Care and Mounting

Handling & Storage:
- Wear museum (white cotton) gloves when handling prints
- Handle prints only by white borders
- Minimize exposure to airborne pollutants
- Store in a dry / dark / cool environment until mounted
- Do not rub surface of matte prints in any way!
- Do not let prints get wet as water will dissolve inks,

- Mount in sealed frame behind glass
- Print should never be in direct contact with glass surface
- Mount only in low humidity climates
- Use only acid-free mounting boards and cards
- Use only acid-free mounting tape
- Mount with acid-free museum corners only
- Never dry mount or use adhesive mounting systems.

- Never expose print to direct sunlight!
- Minimize print’s exposure to UV light
- Avoid strong fluorescent lighting or daylight near windows and skylights.

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